Maths Progression Map Reception 2021-2022

Maths Progression Map Y1-6 2021-2022

At Wixams Tree Primary, we follow a mastery approach to maths. This means that our lessons are carefully sequenced using small steps to develop children’s understanding. Mastery is about depth of knowledge and moving the whole class forward together. We integrate the ‘Big 5 ideas’ from the NCETM (representation & structure, mathematical thinking, variation, fluency and coherence) into our lesson planning. We follow the long term plans and calculation policies from White Rose but draw on a range of high quality resources when planning lessons. A concrete-pictorial-abstract approach is used across all year groups, with children able to access a range of resources. Songs and stem sentences are also used to embed generalisations and support understanding. In EYFS our children will meet the ‘Number Blocks’ characters to develop their understanding of number.

We aim for our pupils to leave primary school with a deep understanding of maths and the skills to tackle real-life problems.

What does a typical maths lesson look like at Wixams Tree?

How will maths look different in September 2021?

Due to the lockdowns and isolation periods in the previous two school years, we understand that our pupils may have gaps in some of their mathematical knowledge. From September 2021, this will mean that:

How can I support my child at home?

We understand that maths is an area of the curriculum that is constantly changing and developing. We know that this often makes it tricky to support pupils at home. White Rose Maths provides free guidance for parents on their website and offers a range of materials to support what is taught in school. For further information on the mastery approach, you may also wish to visit the NCETM website.