Loving, Inspirational, Fun and Educational (forming the values acronym ‘LIFE’).


  • Tolerant and respectful of other religions, traditions and lifestyles
  • Aware of our common heritage, democratic traditions and British Values
  • Friendly, warm-hearted and considerate
  • Motivated by a compassionate wish to help and care for others.
Our values 1


  • To have the highest expectations of themselves and others
  • Prepared to face new challenges positively, to create opportunities for themselves, their family and community
  • Able to see beyond the present to create a bright future.
Our values 2


  • A love and thirst for new learning
  • Embracing change and relishing the unfamiliar
  • Having the capacity to take calculated risks.
Our values 3


  • Able to conceive a unique vision and lead and influence others
  • Be creative in their ideas, resilient and determined in their actions
  • To be able to take responsibility for their own learning and work collaboratively with others
  • To embrace the curriculum to empower them to achieve the best possible outcomes socially, academically and creatively both for themselves and for the wider society.
Our values 4