History Progression Map 2021-2022

Geography Progression Map 2021-2022

We use themes to deliver humanities subject skills and understanding. Our themes are carefully balanced and planned to be age appropriate across the years. Theme maps are produced to show how each is taught, the knowledge and skills covered and links to other parts of the curriculum. It is important to us that art, music, literacy and where appropriate numeracy and science are linked in theme teaching.

Therefore, the children can gain an in-depth understanding of a topic through a cross curricular approach to learning. Our children also gain the skills of questioning and independent learning through theme-based History and Geography enquiries. Many of our themes have a history and geography base so that we teach location and place knowledge, weather and climate skills, and about significant historical events, people and places in our own locality. Humanities time also provides further opportunities to learn about people and cultures.

Humanities Programmes of Study:


History and Geography general