As we are currently on a lockdown due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to ensure families receive support at this difficult time. NHS Bedfordshire Health Community have produced a list of services that are offered to support with emotional wellbeing. Look after yourselves!

Effective pastoral care depends on mutual respect, confidence and understanding between the home and the school. We aim to motivate children through praise and reward for good behaviour, but have a scale of sanctions, which we can use for children who misbehave, if necessary. If your child’s behaviour is causing concern at school, you will be informed and invited to discuss the way forward with the class teacher or Headteacher.

We believe that it is important to encourage every child:

The school rules are intended to ensure that the children are safe. We have a detailed policy for Race Equality, which includes a clear procedure for responding to racist incidents. Copies of the Behaviour Policy and the Race Equality Policy are available on the school website.

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