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Buy Generic Phentermine, Buy Adipex Columbus Ohio

If your child is taken ill at school, we will contact you. Children are not allowed to go home on their own if they are unwell. If your child is absent from school through illness, please contact the school office by telephoning before 9.00am if possible (or in writing on their return to school) stating the reason for absence.

If your child has to attend a dental or medical appointment during the school day, please give the school the information in writing and arrange for a responsible adult to collect the child at the arranged time or let us know in advance that the child will arrive late on that day. Headteachers are unable to grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. If leave is granted the Head will determine the number of school days a child can be away from school.

If your child has been prescribed a medicine by their doctor and a dose is required during the school day, you will need to complete a medical requirement form to enable school staff to administer it on your behalf. We are normally unable to give over-the-counter medicines to children during the school day.

Parents must usually make arrangements to administer these medicines to their children themselves. Please talk with the Headteacher if this causes insurmountable problems. If your child is asthmatic, diabetic, extremely allergic or has epilepsy, you will be asked to complete a detailed medical form, providing all relevant information, and provide us with emergency/preventative treatment for use in school.