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Buy Phentermine Pharmacy, Buy Genuine Phentermine

At Wixams Tree Primary School, we strive to ensure that children are able to access information and the curriculum whilst finding pleasure in reading. All classes, from Reception are read with on a regular basis and we find that sharing a book together is a precious experience. Phonics form the daily basis of reading development in EYFS and phonically decodable reading books, as well as simple fiction or non-fiction books, are used to develop children’s reading skills.

At Wixams Tree Primary School we use a variety of resources to support reading, children are listened to on a daily basis through a guided reading group with a teacher or teaching assistant. Children who struggle with reading are listened to with 1-2-1 adult support. Phonics is taught on a regular basis. In Years 1 and 2 there remains a focus on individual readers to begin with and children continue to work through the stages of, Collins Big Cat and Oxford Reading Tree until they are fluent enough and, most importantly, have sufficient understanding of text to move on to chapter books. As well as individually, children read in guided reading sessions.

In Key Stage 2, as children become more fluent readers, there is a more independent emphasis on reading. Weekly guided reading and discrete comprehension sessions help children develop strategies to explore texts and respond to a variety of questions.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the development of their child’s reading by sharing books with and reading to their child/ren. Your child will bring home a variety of books to read and share with other family members. This valuable link between home and school can help enormously and be rewarding for the parent or carer as well as for the child.

children reading books