The Foundation Stage

At Wixams Tree Primary School we believe that high quality early years’ experience in school is of vital importance and can have a lasting effect on a child’s attitude to education, personal and social skills and attainments.

First days at school for young children are a mixture of all kinds of emotions. The school day and its demands can be quite daunting and, at first, very tiring. Children and their parents/carers are invited to spend some time with us in an informal way before admission. We invite our new parents and children to two stay and play sessions in June, where the children can see the classrooms and get used to their new setting alongside their parents and, of course, the parents can meet the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) stage.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum follows the Statutory Framework as implemented from March 2017. All areas of the curriculum are covered both inside and outside, and contains 17 learning goals for the children to work towards.

The children build up a Learning Journey showing some examples of their work and photographs of some of their other activities, which contribute to the teachers’ assessments of each child. At all times through the year parents are invited to contribute to, share and ask about their child’s Learning Journey.